Thursday, May 29, 2008

2:30 on a Wednesday night

Always wanted to blog even though i hated it ever since i saw the two words form on a cold winters night, but since I was searching for another blog post and couldn't find it i thought I would start my own. I had no idea it was this easy mostly because I never cared to know I know why every fucking goon has one...So I start this now with no more intentions but to give me something to do when I'm bored...and hey if that cunt who wrote Juno got her start from blogging then i can surely win some undeserved award for throwing together already out of date catch phrases and every cool band reference I could imagine into one shitty screenplay. I just love how she tried to be so indie and everything and the people who love her movie are fat suburban moms who think they are hip and whore teenage girls who think they aren't whores just misunderstood....OH WAIT BUT THE VELVET UNDERGROUND is on the soundtrack. You are fucking indie and cool.....Has society and I become so cynical that I'm upset about the velvet underground...i guess it has!

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