Thursday, May 29, 2008

My adopted children will never know what to do with MY BODY!!!!

So I thought as a funny thing I would post old Xanga postings from when I was in high school...they are over six years old. Anyway Xangas were hilarious, I remember reading about meaningless things about peoples day in classes and when they passed notes to people and shit. the best part was that they would want to talk about what was going on in their gossip filled personal lives but couldn't really say anything cause they didn't want to give anything away, and the weirdest part was everybody who was reading it were these peoples classmates. They spent all day together in math and science and gym and gossipped then went home and gossipped online but left out all the important information (and sometimes they would say stuff but just leave out people's names your friends reading your blog didn't know you were talking about them...(YOU HAD 15 FRIENDS!!!) It was so quaterlife. How could you not step out of yourself and see what you were doing? Did you really think that people from across the word were reading this and loving every minute of it(cause clearly thats what people are doing with this). Anyway I remember playing a game with a certain person that will not be named cause they might be reading ....Tee-heee see you in Mr. Griffin's class tomorrow..Algebra II is so for losers! So we would try to do things to this specific girl really bizarre stuff, sometimes mean, sometimes would vary. Like we would just go up to her after school at play practice and pretend to trip and knock her books down, or confide in her about really personal issues that we would make up or just act really weird in front of her..anyway then we would go home and see if we made it into her stupid fucking xanga posts..anyway it was was like playing when you bathe your dog and hold their head under the water until their brain looses consciousness and then you jerk off as you feel them stop struggling....well not really like that!...but kind of...well the latter is more like Christmas morning, well anyway .......

So I went to find my old xanga which I haven't looked at since freshman year of college(2003). And they are nowhere to be found I don't know if their is some way to go find them, but they are just not there....What if i had some important information that I wanted to leave to my it would be very Da Vinci Code...They would turn over my bloated body and carved into my skin would be And then this would lead to a byzantine journey to find different artifacts that have poignancy in my life....half eaten double quarter pounders, lost remote controls, shit stained underwear that I would hide under my bed, and all of my baby teeth wrapped in old report cards leading to the all important pile of books I bought but never read ....NOW BLOGGER DO THE RIGHT THING AND LET THIS LIVE IN FOREVER the children I never wanted know what to do with the body I never wanted.

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