Monday, June 23, 2008


So George Carlin died (I guess?...I just read it online, but there is only one source...So I guess it happened tonight (Sunday June 22)!! Well that's horrible and depressing, but in his honor everybody should watch his most recent HBO special...I forget what its called but its him just talking about being an old man and dying and how everything is bullshit...I'm actually glad he died when he did...cause that special is one of the funniest ones he has done in like ten years! So he went out on top! He was the best and we need more people in society like him ...people who don't fucking fall for the bullshit and think on their own...And I hope nobody does a stupid write up about him mentioning heaven or anything cause that is the last thing he would want ...him being mythologized as the greatest guy or anything like that's always sad to loose an atheist...we need as many as we can get ....I'm watching you Richard Dawkins...oh he died of heart failure

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Nappi Patroli said...

I LOLed if you will, at the Coldplay what happened to that??? Did Coldplay come by and remove it...jerks.