Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just throw yellow plastic bracelets at the problem...LANCE!!!!!

So the new season of Intervention started on Monday and they did not hold anything back....I'm talking CRACK - Starting a season with a crack addict is the way to go! Not one of those fucking annoying depressed alcoholics ..Although they do make the best episodes cause they are always trying to do something they can' walk or drive a car or take care of their children! But they always have some sob story about how they think people want too much from them so they just broke down and became an alcoholic... Shut the fuck up and raise your stupid fucking kids!

So this episode was interesting because a little known cyclist was involved in this man's downfall. I saw the commercials and they mentioned Lance Armstrong. Chad the subject of this episode had a bad childhood (like everybody on intervention...I tell ya.. if your not raped by a family friend/ youth counselor from your Mormon church...or your forcing your 89 year old grandfather to pay for your third trimester abortion ...or..your not...OK this can go on forever...anyway intervention always tries to tie the addiction to something from their childhood...yea whatever they are the victim...shut up!) so to get this kid back on track they get him into cycling and he does really well and makes it on to the American postal service team ( i was unaware our postal service had a bike team)... so this guy makes it big and he goes to a camp and trains with Lance Armstrong...the first day he goes up to Lance Armstrong and calls him a "dough boy" as a joke. Armstrong did not find it funny and THE NEXT FUCKING DAY HIS CONTRACT WAS TERMINATED AND STARTED USING CRACK!!!!!

I had to rewind it and watch it again ..cause it was so matter afact...Lance Armstrong doesn't take the joke...forcing young man to drugs....AND NOBODY SAID ANYTHING!!!...I want this lance Armstrong to be held responsible for this many lives does this man ruin! Oh let me leave my wife after she helps me through my ball cancer and i get famous and marry Cheryl Crow and then mysteriously she has cancer! Now I am not saying that Lance Armstrong has the power to ruin lives...or even the power to give cancer...but look at the facts Ma'am!... He either gave Cheryl Crow cancer or informed her that having cancer makes you more popular and more successful!...HOW MANY LIVES MUST THIS MAN DESTROY BEFORE WE DEPORT HIM !!!


Nappi Patroli said...

I know many people who just want Lance Armstrong dead - they literally want cancer to ravage his body. That's horrible and all, but that prick does just mow over everyone in his life.

Kristen said...

You guys are so gay with your gay blogs. gays.