Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thanks a lot while i was uploading that video the colbert report ended and it went to mind of mencia...Thanks a lot!..oh god the worst is when my Tivo recommends fucking mind of mencia! its the worst...I want my Tivo to like me..why does it think i like this shit....i already feel bad that I don't Tivo Seinfeld because I watch all the episodes when they air. I hope my Tivo doesn't think I don't love Seinfeld..speaking of seinfeld...anybody who reads this should go download....Wale- The mixtape about nothing ..its awesome and hilarious!...

also, like does carlos mencia actually think he's funny? anybody who watches that is either a racist idiot who thinks its okay to laugh at may be doing ironically, but that's not why you are popular...cause anybody who understands irony is too smart for your comedy! since you were used to replace chapelle take some advice from him. Like he had a conscious and ended his show when he knew he was being used! Its not even worth the effort to criticize you..everybody knows your a fucking unfunny joke that a retard came up with when he was five...yes HE...all retards are males...girls aren't smart enough to be retarded!

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