Thursday, July 17, 2008


Fuck all these project runway designers this year...if I hear Urban or Rock star one more time Ill kill!! just cause those fucking assholes like Christian and that other Rock star asshole with his neck tattoo! I hate anybody who calls them self a rock star who are not rock stars and anybody who actually is a rock star fucking suck cause if they are considered that I hate their music...i hope you die with your fucking ed hardy shirt wrapped around your face

Thursday, July 10, 2008


So I was bored and decided to post the last post on knew it was so easy?...apparently everybody...anway read it on there and then tell them you like it and tell them how much you like me and then tell them you should hire me and then tell them that i am like a super nice person who DOES bathe regularly and who IS a good person to have in the work envoirnment and then i can move out of my parents attic...well i guess i like the attic..but tell them that my dad is like super annoying and then mention my dvd collection and be like you shoudl totally be friends with him so he can bring movies over to your house.... ANYWAY READ THE ARTICLE AND SAY YOU LIKE IT AT
So a week ago I realized that I have had the same netflix for two months...usually this does not bother me I had one movie for almost 6 months one time. I'm just too addicted to television that I can't take my fat eyes off of the food network for two hours to watch a movie I KNOW WILL BE GOOD and I KNOW I WILL ENJOY IT, but being disconnected to television doesn't make me happy. I would rather spend three hours flipping through the channels than watching an experimental french film shot backwards with a 10 minute rape scene with CGI cocks. And everybody knows how much I love each of those aspects in a film...anyway I have a weird attachment to television...It might be just me being lazy and I know how I put a lot of investment into watching a film and sometimes I just want to sit through fluff than getting emotionally attached to a film... and also when something is 2 1/2 hours long don't know what you will be doing in 2 1/2 that is a long commitment....anyway at one point I described my attachment to television as a fear that something might be broadcasted on TV and I am not in the know sitting in my house watching Fellini's early stuff...I never really cared about Emergency broadcasts on the TV but I would tell people that because of 9/11 I have been more paranoid, but you have to say shit like that in public cause there are those losers who feel that 9/11 meant something and pretend like it affected their lives at all...idiots will have more of an understanding of that than just being so fucking lazy.
So today I decided to finally watch that German film Downfall which is about the last days of Hitler and the third Reich in his bunker in Berlin through the eyes of his secretary. and yeah of course I loved it, I'll say shit like the acting was good and shit like that and it was don't get me wrong but Jesus I'll watch anything about Nazis! Except the history channel...which is so ironic cause its on TV and its about Nazis ...that seems like a perfect intersection in my life, but I said I like fluff not boring footage and all the same narration that they put on the history channel...give me something interesting ..some how combine Ice Road Truckers with crazed Nazi doctor Josef Mangele...That's a show I'd watch ...hell I'd by the DVD and read the booklet on the toilet and then when I get an erection while reading it I might even jerk off a little bit on the toilet and then awkwardly bend my penis into the bowl so my shit and cum can what was I talking about OH YEAH Netfllix...So the day before that I watched Perfume: The Story of a Murderer and that was really good...again weird, but good.

So it started with me talking myself into watching these movies no matter what, then I looked at the running time for Perfume and it was 2 hours and 26 minutes and I was like FUCK I'm not watching this now's already 2pm and I didn't eat lunch yet and I have NOTHING to do so I can't spend that time watching a movie and actually feeling like I accomplished something! So once I looked at that run time I was like okay I'll watch one of my other movies...A WW II movie done in all German with a runtime of 2:36 or Army of Shadows a 2:25 (or longer I can't remember) French black and white war film...anyway I chose the only one without subtitles...anyway that is my love hate relationship with I will get into these grooves (similar to Stella) and think I want to watch all of Robert Altman's film (including 3 hour Short Cuts and the polar opposite Popeye) or just weird foreign films from the sixties and I'll do that all drunk and high at 4 am and then won't look at my queue for months and then when I want to watch something shitty like ...ummm....anything on HBO...I'll get some fucking 4 hr Ingmar Bergman film that I told myself I would watch....but I want Rise of the Silver Surfer or some shit...which Bergman did not direct, but if he did I'm sure it would be boring!! But fuck it I would pretend to understand it!...oh and the reason I let netflix sit around my house for months is cause my mom pays for it.....SUCKA!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008