Tuesday, September 2, 2008

oh great

Nice, Entourage is back on I can't wait for people to pretend it's good again. I can't wait for one of the characters to get mad and use some "original" pairing of curse words screamed in a rant..like

"Ahhh your a Cunt biscuit, my assistant!!! get me things!!!"

Then I got to hear that at bars for the next three months from fucking loser Guido Indians who don't think anybody else gets HBO or has ever seen any other comedy ever, or has ever cursed. That show sucks, it's the opposite of hip, it has no comedy in it and people who like it are fucking losers who are trying to be all those things...so go back to CROW house on Hamilton st. and do coke and wear collared shirts and trick girls into fucking you...but then get your pharmacy degree and be more successful than me...THANKS!!

fucking shitty male version of sex in the city.......

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Nappi Patroli said...

You really are just getting angrier and angrier...You need to find your spiritual molly.