Thursday, January 29, 2009

Liberal Media

...oh and can we stop celebrating a woman giving birth to 8 kids in a horrible depression!!! My family has been outspoken against multiple births for many years...and I don't feel like typing all the arguments we have had with the television over many years. But its fucking despicable, and don't tell me god did it, cause god didn't make those fertility drugs, you stubborn bitch but medical science did, and you know what else medical science will do that god won't, keep your 1 LB 4 oz baby alive....Fuck all these people making more people, want a kid, ADOPT you fucking selfish CUNT, not everybody deserves a baby...maybe this god didn't want you to have one, but then you just smack him in the face and shove zygotes in your cunt until you pump out deformed kids! I hate how these people are celebrated, they are the worst! how about put me on the news, I'm not selfishly depleting our natural resources by filling our landfills with 1000's of diapers and other shit just so I can be a parent!! I can't wait till we live in a crazy country where they are forced to control the amount of children we are allowed to have


LumbeerJohn said...

I hate kids. Period.

Kyle said...

The worst part about those idiots is that they have something like 6 kids already...This makes this even more of a slap in the face to "God"...I'm ALL FOR women doing WHATEVER to their bodies, but we should really outlaw fertility drugs...Too me it's the same as abortion... each stupid forced little drone, idiot baby you have, some other poor kid born from some 3rd world woman slave whore will never be adopted and then their life is fucked...probably ending by being raped and shot at age 12...BUT KEEP ON ROCKIN IN THE FREE WORLD, ANYONE WHO USES FERTILITY DRUGS, RIGHT? You people are a fucking disgrace.