Monday, January 26, 2009

My Own Stupidity....

I have been in love/obsessed with Little Shop of Horrors since I was a child. I watched the VHS so many times it unspooled, that and Ghostbusters, and then when I got a new one I had an argument with my Mother and she threw it a me and it broke AGAIN. The Argument stemmed from me wanting to watch Little Shop of Horrors and my mom wanting me to be straight....well actually she just wanted to watch Titanic and I didn't...Well maybe that makes me straighter than my Mom. SO TAKE THAT MOM, YOU FUCKING FAGGOT!!

ANYWAY, the point it I was aware of the original ending my entire life basically and tried to buy the original DVD release that had the original ending as a special feature, but because of legal shit they took it off the market (or something). And it has always been a goal of mine to see the ending, but because of my own stupidity I never thought of looking on you tube, and its not like I forgot that I wanted to see it, cause I continue to check on eBay for the dvd, but it's hundreds of dollars so I never bought it.

The point of this is that I never think about how I can use the internet to serve me. I always just find myself sitting in front of my new $3000 MacBook Pro knowing that there are useful/entertaining websites for me to take advantage of and I never do, and I hate it!

I never put things together, I never take my already established interests and search for some internet compliment to them, or anything like that !

Same with my computer alone, I know that I will never use this cutting edge computer to it's full potential. Only if mac stores had some sort of tutoring program, but nothing like that will ever exist. In closing, I'm a lazy idiot who even though is part of the internet generation and shit I still never utilize! I'm already becoming and old out of touch man!

So Enjoy the original ending of Little Shop of Horrors, you can tell it's not finished, obviously the black and white, and the sound, but it's ridiculous how much money probably went in to this ending. It's like a 5 minute action sequence with hundreds of extras and buildings exploding and people felt kind of put off by it, so they scrapped it and made it even more campy than possible by cutting out the emotional drive home when you see all the main characters die! Shame on you Frank Oz. and I will always love Ellen Greene....Oh also the statue of Liberty is thoroughly molested. That could have been the 9/11 of the 50's if any of those fictional things came true!

Now back to this documentary I'm watching called "The Land Before Time V"

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Kyle said...

You literally use the internet to its greater extents than 90% of people on earth...assuming the other 10% are made up of crazy hackers straight out of films from the late 80s and early 90s and super government agents who obviously just use the internet for deviant spying. I BET THE WEB ALSO HAS SOME KIND OF HORRIBLE ALT/UNDERGROUND MUSICAL BLOG!!! -You make me sick...(spitting on rainbow flag). If you find that kind of blog, let me know.