Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Queen of the Supermarket - Bruce Springsteen

This is an actual Bruce Springsteen song, apparently most of the reviews for the album are good, but people are saying this is the worst song he has possibly ever written.....maybe it's the best.....I just love the blue collar working class....This is sort of a response to Kyle's post, only cause he mentioned Mr. Springsteen!

For even better comedy view the Youtube comments for this song......for Example:

"For me he is the genius of our time..."

"Fucking Awesome.Great Video, amazing song"

"Not an f. An A plus. A song about an ordinary person seeing extraordinary in another woman. Many would feel lucky for that admiration"

"The Stingray at 3:15 is B!tchin'!! :)"

I do like Bruce Springsteen, I understand why people like him, but maybe do some self editing and cut a track or two...and come on, this is GOLDEN ADVICE from a nobody, how could it not be good?


Kyle said...

I just listened to his new album in it's entirety. I go through periods of both being obsessed with his music and wanting Bruce Springsteen to just STOP. This album actually does both for me...like that song the wrestler...I mean, he can really hook one in with that blue collar music and feeling, but then sometimes, it's just so awful... I guess that happens...you get a lot of money and you have had it for a long time and people don't care about whether or not you're good or whatever as long as you connect with them sentimentally...loss of purpose, rock star style.

Kyle said...

"it's entirety"... I am a straight up retard. Talk about self editing.