Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I think I just saw a progressive insurance commercial with a gay couple. The two guys were effeminate....more than usual in a standard commercial, but not stereotypically gay...which is very progressive to say the least. Seriously, this blog is written with an endowment from the progressive insurance group!

...gays in commercials, they are really getting desperate in this depression.

But whatever I just wrote about that because the commercial right before it was yet another fast-food commercial about their fish sandwiches. These commercials are targeted towards idiot Christians in this time of lent so they can eat fish instead of burgers when they are pulling into a drive thru and ordering their McDonald's or Wendy's on their debit cards, just like Jesus envisioned when he was dying on the cross and creating random sacrifices...or the people who made it up over hundreds of years after his death!

Point is I'm observant of subtle themes in commercials, I imagine these two instances on that chart in Rolling Stone Magazine "with us/against us"...or something!

...I will say that the Wendy's sandwich looks really good!

...oh and I totally refrained from talking about that FUCKING CUNT, Flo in those progressive commercials! I fucking hate her stupid fucking voice and everything she says and the fact that she looks like Maggie Gyllenhaal...I just hate how she says her "little" jokes and....Well I said I would refrain.


The Bread Line said...

I think you're becoming addicted to rageahol...working man's rageahol.

LumbeerJohn said...

That Wendy's sandwich does look delicious. Who can beat Northern Pacific Cod? With Panko Breading? You find that man.

Melanie said...

i also hate flo, mainly bc she resembles maggie gylenhall.