Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A lot of posts today....making up for lost time

Just saw this video on stereogum....apparently, it's also a kanye west video!


My shitty cable/internet connection has been doing this after effect for free all these years!

One time the guys who is on NBC before the today show was talking and his mouth morphed and pixelated into the next clip which was of spaghetti being eaten footage. Very popular footage on the news, that and shoulders and down footage of obese teenagers.

but the mouth was gone and the rest of the face was there but his mouth was a moving bowl of spaghetti and it was so fucking cool!! I also only eat my breakfast with LSD laced milk!

so basically any gimmick or trick can now be used into editing music videos! I'm doing a music video for my friends band and the concept is you don't have the right Codec server and you need to update Divx!!!



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The Bread Line said...

That shit is the reason for autism. What a terrible video, song, and group...feist 2...ugh.