Monday, February 23, 2009


oh man I can't wait for some hardcore blue cock in Watchmen. I was in Barnes and Noble and looked through the companion book and saw MAD Dr. MANHATTAN BLUE COCK, and not some average uncircumcised cock like in the book, I'm talking floppy, girthy blue cock!

basically watchmen is the easiest movie to direct in the world....Hmmm I just wish I had a brilliant story, incredibly developed and complex characters, oh but I wish It was story-boarded out for me including flashbacks and cut scenes...oh and I wish it has been around for over 20 years so Iand hundreds of other people had time to absorb it!!

Stop calling him a visionary director, these words get thrown around a lot! He's great because he does the original work justice by letting it be itself when it comes to screen and if thats visionary then I hate hollywood...oh wait it is, for them, and I do hate it!

and don't get me started on slumdog millionaire, they talk about how it didn't get any funding! nobody would fund this movie directed by danny Boyle, he has never made a bad movie! do independent movies still not get the attention they deserve and the wide distribution...oh wait cause they will never make the amount of money Paul Blart does......I forgot I am an eastern elitist....

and don't get me wrong slumdog millionaire was really good, but everybody blew it up so much cause it was multicultural or something! everybody thought they were getting this little peek into a live they never cared or knew about and they all felt guilty so they had to give the movie so much praise! Liberal white guilt wins again ....Slumdog and Sean Penn's win!

Penn Jillette made the best point, when people say he was so great cause he played a gay guy do they forget about all the gay actors that are forced to play straight ALL the time, nobody says anything about that! if thats the case where is Rock Hudson's oscars!!

but Sean Penn was really great.....ehhh I didn't even want to talk about the oscars cause they are so irrelevant and archaic!!

and why didn't heath ledgers death prompt this discussion in society about how horrible prescription drugs are! Like it was probably a discussion for like a week, but nothing ever gets done! I'm disgusted all the time! we never have real discussions in this society its all bullshit to make ourselves feel content and nothing every gets done....

Jesus what am I talking about , i totally lost my erection and now I got a get hard again thinking about that hot blue cock !!

stop reading my blog you fucking losers

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