Tuesday, February 17, 2009

OMG!!! Fashion Week

fashion sucks you losers, girls who are into fashion only cause they don't know what else to do with their lives ( same goes for teaching) and they were raised on reality TV and the lie that they are original, have talent, and will amount to anything!

You have no other skills, but you dress yourself in the morning..YOU SHOULD BE IN FASHION! you know that if it's at a fashionable store it's fashionable and even if it doesn't match or dare I say clash IT'S EVEN MORE FASHIONABLE!!! Cause fashion is about expressing yourself and who cares what others think!!! EVERYBODY CARES WHAT EVERYBODY ELSE CARES!!! that's why you dress like that, if you didn't care you would dress in the same clothes everyday, save your money and buy fabrics and design your own clothes in your house!!! that's expressing yourself!!! no walking around in something that only other people see...what do you walk around all day looking down, and even if you do you only see like 3/4 of your outfit....Wait probably less because who the fuck sees the back of the soles of your shoes...or anything!!! If you want to be in fashion make your own by sewing it and shit! sewing is mad easy and it's a skill, not watching other people be artistic and you doing nothing!!! Jesus this rant was brought on by a commercial for self storage and me thinking my sister needs one for all of her clothes, then me hating girls!! It's like me with my love of movies......Oh I like movies......wow, I like something that takes millions of man hours and mind bending creativity, insane genius and hard work and concentration that I could not even imagine....oh, but I can sit on a couch and watch them while eating, drinking, smoking, shitting, pissing, tossing off...oh then They have become a big hobby and an interest of mine!

Fuck me!! I have no discernible skills that I could do anything with....except bullshitting myself into thinking I'm worth anything in this world!!!

in other news, I think my boobs are getting smaller, which is always a major concern for 23 year old men, but still good...on second notice, I think it was just the way I was sitting!.....okay I gotta go I got wood glue all over my socks....pulled from the wrong pile this morning...I'm always concerned people are able to smell dried cum or fresh cum in other instances!!...well if you ever see me smelling my hands a lot, it's me trying to detect the tiniest bit of cum smell!!...I didn't have this problem when I was working with 4th graders, cause I kept that handkerchief in my car


The Bread Line said...

You know up until I read that post I used to think I was going insane. But about the women becoming teachers thing...that's funny, because I always thought women made better teachers and were easier to communicate with than men...seriously, every male boss I've ever had with the exception of the two farmers I worked with were total fucking dicks to their employers...They knew nothing of communication and I'm pretty sure their wives or mothers ran the businesses for them anyway...Those pussies. Men are serious idiots. Also expect a long, angry, hurtful, and insulting reply from my significant other.

WilburBellson said...

I may be a teacher, but at least I'm not a fag.

Christian said...

i wasn't going to say anything about teachers, but I did it purposely for kristen to get mad at!! Fish in a barrel. yea, woman are mad good teachers cause they have all those instincts and male teachers are creeps who cannot help but fuck their students....wait girlies do that too! Anyway! stop responding to my posts like they are serious! I love outrageous, generalized claims!

and anybody can teach, just look at the wonderful work that is being done with homeschooling and at Florida State University