Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I got nothing ...

I really do, I've been getting more and more bored with work even though today I found contraband today! but other than that prisoners are so boring and by boring I mean hey are eighth graders. We have a new teacher and they are just giving him a hard time just for the hell of it, and since I am also an eighth grader I can't help but laugh when they do it!

it's a weird feeling when you work with all these people who are so close to retirement, cause everyday they talk about it.." one day closer to retirement..." is what I hear at least 5 times a week...from the same guy! and a lot of these people have been there for 30 or so years, so you start thinking that you will also be there for 20-30 years and you get depressed, cause you really don't want this to be your life, but on the other hand it does the opposite (cause that's what the phrase "on the other hand" fucking means...idiot) Cause you think of how long 20-30 years can actually be and you think you can do a lot in that time and this will definitely not be my career for my entire life! and if it is ....I only got like twenty years left!

Also I bought like 45 songs today on Itunes!

like the new Yeah yeah yeahs which I wasn't aware they moved up the release date
and a nother jack white super group
and Gang Gang Dance
and High Places
and David Byrne doing a weird (not so much in the good way) cover of a fiery furnaces song

and I'm also super excited for Iphone 3.0 upgrade which was announced today! there will be copy and paste available and a bunch of other awesome shit!

and Also I'm excited that Imus has cancer...JK,

but I really am excited that Natasha Richardson is in critical condition ...JK

I just watched the news today and yesterday...told you I had nothing!

OH, but I did watch that Will Ferrell, "You're Welcome America" thing on HBO and it was not that funny! I thought it was going to be this comprehensive humor on good old George Bush...and it was not, and I guess thats what you get when you improv something and stick with the stuff you think is funny and make a show out of it....cause thats what it felt like! Why was the secret service guy dancing to rap music?...There were a lot of other problems with it that I don't want to go into cause I could never and will do nothing that comes remotely close to anything like that ..so I should stop trying to find holes in it! ANYWAY I'm just glad I didn't spend hundreds of dollars on tickets like I planned to a few months ago!!!

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