Wednesday, May 20, 2009


so i was on IMDB and i found out that Michel Gondry is directing "The Green Hornet" the Seth Rogen vehicle that everybody has been talking about since .. I don't care. Now, you think i would be excited....but i hope to pride myself as not so predictable...but lets face it, mostly i am! But because of that I see how predictable seth rogen is, yeah its a cool idea for "indie" directors to direct major movie (they did that for superbad, and pineapple express) but I don't know! I just feel Seth Rogen and his writing partner are too close to our age so what they do is passe or something, and the idea that taking michel Gondy and letting him direct a big superhero movie is kind of s good idea, cause he might bring a different take on it, like Iron Man, or it might turn out to be this weird disjointed conglomeration of kitschy, quirky, "Sweded" visual effects and it will just be alright, or his style will just get watered down and make no diffeence who directs the film like they did to David Gordon Green with Pineapple Express!! ehh...who cares!! I've been reading the AV clubs coverage of Cannes...I like it Check it out!! 

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