Friday, May 1, 2009

Some kind of clever Douche Bag reference ...if there are any left

Dear Gods!!!!

Kanye West and Jared Leto collaborating!! I hope these two do everything together from now on so I can start consolidating my hatred, Cause in this economy.....

Everything Jared Leto has done since requiem for a dream has been annoying, I could barely take his annoying fucking voice in that movie....looking back on that movie, he surely is the worst part , good thing he fucking dies ...or become a vegetable...or whatever....throws up in mash potatoes...? Maybe it's time to watch it again.

I love when shit I hate gets together with other shit I hate. OR when I see something that looks like shit and come to find the person behind it is somebody who has always pissed me off! E.G every Boz Luhrman trailer/movie I ever sat through...except Strictly Ballroom. I love when stuff happens like that because it just confirms my taste in things and gives me some confidence that I have some kind of discerning taste and not just like any shitty indie/off-beat shit that comes my way. ahh shitty shit, I hope you are reading this for my prose!

Anyway, what is this kanye/leto collaboration going to be? 4:30 minute audio track of them watch each other suck their own cocks and pretend like it's not self-satisfactory faggot bullshit! 30 seconds to Mars..Really? What Jared Leto you always wanted to be a rock star? you fucking loser, do us a favor and go through that phase where you want to be a true artist and not be part of the commercial hollywood and go crazy and never make another movie/record again and then come crawling back when you realize you are a self important loser!

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